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Respiratory Accessories
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Nuisance Dust Mask
Nuisance Dust Mask. Box of 50 individual masks.
Item No. RPD101
2.   P1 Disposable Respirator
P1 Disposable Mask. Box of 20 individual masks
Item No. RPD301
3.   P2 Disposable Respirator with Valve
P2 rating for protection against mechanically and thermally generated dusts and mists and other airborne pathogens. Equivalent to US N95 standard.
Item No. RPD321
4.   P2 Disposable Respirator with Valve/Carbon
Protects against nuisance-level organic vapours in addition to P2 rating. Box of 12 masks
Item No. RPD531
5.   Half-Mask Respirator
Soft Durable TPE Rubber Half Face Mask. For P2 or Organic Vapours with a Boiling Point >65'C.
Item No. RPM100
6.   A1P2 Organic Vapour Filters Cartridge
A1P2 Organic Vapour Filter Cartridge suitable for RPM100 Half Mask Respirator. For Organic Vapours with a boiling point > 65'C
Item No. RPF101
7.   P2 Filter Cartridge
P2 Filter Cartridge to suit RPM100 Half Mask Respirator. One pair per pack.
Item No. RPF103
8.   P2 Pre-Filter
P2 Pre-filter to suit RPM100 Half Mask Respirator. Pre Filter must be worn in the RPF101 A1P2 Filter Cartridge. Box of 20 pre-filters.
Item No. RPF102
9.   Single Cartridge. Two Exhalation Valve.
Single Filter neoprene respirator, twin exhalation valves. Small/Medium or Large face piece.
Item No. RP461
10.   Twin Cartridge. Two Exhalation Valve.
Twin Filter neoprene respirator, twin exhalation valves. Small/Medium or Large face piece.
Item No. RP462
11.   Promask Full Face Respirator
Promask, the new multi function, full face mask provides unrivalled comfort and protection against a wide variety of respiratory hazards in major industrial applications.
Item No. 12681
12.   Proflow SC
Proflow SC is the next generation of powered air respirators. Intelligent and easy to use the Proflow SC has a number of advanced refineents over the original Proflow concept.
Item No. Proflow SC
13.   Airline Filter Regulator
Airline Filter regulator. Two man outlet.
Item No. BA21BOPT
All prices in Australian Dollars (Inc 10 % GST)


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