Ear Plugs - Ear Muffs - Ear Muff Protective Accessories

  Quan.   Description Price
1.   X-Treme Ear Plugs 200 Pairs Uncorded
X-treme Ear Plugs, brightly coloured tapered earplugs, SLC80 26db Class 5 Hearing Protection. 200 uncorded pairs individually packaged.
Item No. HPP201
2.   X-Treme Ear Plugs 100 Pairs Corded
X-treme Ear Plugs, brightly coloured tapered earplugs. SLC80 26db Class 5 Hearing Protection. 100 corded pairs individually packaged.
Item No. HPP200
3.   X-treme Ear Plugs Handi Dispenser
X-treme Ear Plugs, brightly coloured tapered earplugs, SLC80 26dB/Class 5 hearing protection. Handy dispenser contains 100 pairs.
Item No. HPP202
4.   X-Treme Ear Plug Wall Dispenser
X-Treme Ear Plugs Versatile Wall Mountable or Table Topper Ear Plug Dispenser. Holds up to 400 pairs - Earplugs Sold Separately.
Item No. HPP203
5.   X-Treme Ear Plugs Refill Pack
X-treme Ear Plugs provides SLC80 26db Class 5 hearing protection. 200 uncorded pairs per pack, suitable for the wall/table topper dispenser.
Item No. HP0204
6.   Mach 1 Earmuffs
Bilsom Mach 1 Headband Earmuff, Class 4 - 22dB, Dielectric lightweight general purpose headband muff
Item No. HPM100
7.   Orange Universal Earmuff
Headband earmuffs. Medium to high attenuation at an economical price.
Item No. HPM102
8.   Orange Universal Cap Attach Earmuff
Cap attachable ear muffs. 25mm slots for most safety hard hats.
Item No. HPM103
9.   Black Universal Earmuff
Headband earmuffs. Robust ABS plastic ear cups designed to handle most industrial situations.
Item No. HPM105
10.   Signature III Wire Neckband Earmuff
Earmuffs just perfect for situations where over the head straps are unsuitable.
Item No. HPM101
11.   Uvex "X" Earmuffs
Uvex-X Earmuffs provide the highest level of noise protection at a SLC80 rating of Class 5, 37dB
Item No. HPM107
All prices in Australian Dollars (Inc 10 % GST)



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